Akemi Capital is active in philanthropy in the form of grants, scholarships, fellowships, equity investments, small business loans, corporate giving, part time jobs, subsidized housing, etc.. While awards are for unrestricted use (including child care, travel, and living expenses), applications must be geared towards a specific project.

Minority Businesses

For hard-working risk-taking small business owners who are underrepresented and underserved, e.g. women and/or minorities, Akemi Capital is honored to help overcome barriers to achieving their American dreams.

Troubled Companies

For those whom realizing the American dream can be difficult, we are happy to provide financial and strategic support to immigrant and/or women owners and their brick and mortar businesses facing financial and operational distress.

Starving Artists

We try to provide that lucky first break for undiscovered artists, whether future rock star, struggling fashion designer, unpublished writer, etc.. Besides financial support, Akemi Capital likes to provide the infrastructure to build a successful career as an artist.


To begin a relationship with Akemi Capital, send a brief introduction with contact information, website address, blog, etc.. If applicable, reference the name of the person who referred you to apply. Please do not call, we try to email indications of positive interest within two months.